A thriving business begins with a healthy workforce

Employee Assistance Service

We provide access to quality medications with dedicated access to our licensed pharmacists who are available to provide counselling and consultations with your staff.

Staff Discounts

We offer a wide range of approved meds at the best price that your employees and your balance sheet will love.

Stock your Internal Dispensary

Restock your organization inhouse dispensary with quality meds, offered at low price to protect all employees when it matters.

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Put employee wellbeing first to retain talent and boost productivity

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Protect Productivity

Today's employees spend considerable part of their time in the workplace. Access to fast and cheap healthcare when it matters the most is a need not a want.

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Save time and reduce absenteeism

Employees can avoid unnecessary trips to the pharmacy in search of medications or prescriptions.

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Save money

Empower your employees with access to a vast selection of high-quality medications at unbeatable prices! Plus, with our special employee discounts, your staff will be thanking you for investing in their health and financial wellness.

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Personalized support

Access to a licensed pharmacist through the app, ensures your staff receive personalized advice and guidance on their medications, including potential side effects, interactions with other medications or medical conditions, and dosage instructions.


Empowering Employees

Every plan member gets access to all these benefits and more

Self manage prescriptions

Personalized support and expert advice

Private and discreet consultations

Home & workplace delivery

Special employee discounts

Service that goes above & beyond

What makes Drugnet Different

Guided by licensed pharmacists

Dedicated licensed pharmacist to support the employee's journey.


Service is available 24/7 accessible by email. Reach us via chat and phone, at retail pharmacies within our extended working hours.


All data, conversations and chats are kept securely and, adheres to all privacy and security regulations.

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Why our customers love us

Leticia Bensah

Perfect app. The pharmacist are patiently at your service any time any day to answer  your questions.

Tani Tampuri

Really amazing and innovative app. I love it.

Adwoa Sanah

Great app that really works when you need it to. I hope they start deliveries 24/7

Prof. Mike Oti

Very legit. The best online pharmacy in Ghana

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DrugNet?

DrugNet is a simple, easy-to-use app that allows you to manage all your medications on your phone. You can schedule refill dates, receive same-day delivery, and even chat with licensed pharmacists directly from the app.


How does DrugNet work?

To get started with DrugNet, download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Once you've created an account, you can upload your prescriptions and a licensed pharmacist will get back to you to confirm your order and answer any questions you may have about the medication. You can also schedule refill dates so that when it's time to refill, we'll automatically send your prescription and deliver your medication to your doorstep.


Is DrugNet safe to use?

Yes! DrugNet takes your safety and privacy very seriously. We follow all necessary regulations and best practices to secure your personal and medical information.


How much does DrugNet cost?

The DrugNet app is free to download and use. Delivery fees may apply, but we work hard to keep our prices competitive with other delivery services.


Does DrugNet accept my insurance?

We accept coverage from all the major private health insurance providers. We'll automatically handle everything when you add your insurance information to your DrugNet account.


Can I chat with a pharmacist on DrugNet?

Absolutely! We have licensed pharmacists available to chat with you, answer your questions, and provide expert advice. Simply open the app and start a chat, text, or call with a pharmacist.


How do I schedule a refill on DrugNet?

It's easy! Just go to your medication list on the app, select the medication you want to refill, and choose your preferred refill date. We'll take care of the rest and ensure that your medication is delivered to you on time.


What if I have an issue with my medication or delivery?

Our customer care team is available to assist you with any issues. Contact us through the app, and we'll work to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. You can reach the team at +233 (0) 50 164 6496.